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Your natural skincare

From the experience of our laboratories comes a range of beauty products that take care of your skin wherever you are and throughout the entire day. We have carefully sourced mountain-spring water and premier-quality natural ingredients to make sure you can rely on complete protection and moisturisation. Be reeled into a wonderful world of emotions with our collection of fragrances.

A new concept of well-being

Grapevine Sap
Beauty product
SANITISING HAND GEL Effective in a few seconds, 70% alcohol content
Sanitising & moisturising hand cream
two products in one

This Certified Organic Moisturising and Soothing Hand Cream is the perfect way to lock moisture in and restore your skin’s delicate balance, no matter the season.



Effective protection

Luscious scents

Moisturises all day long

Made in Italy

We use only mountain-spring water


Spring water is one of our skin’s most precious allies. Revered for its purity since time immemorial, it originates in areas untainted by civilisation and preserves all those organoleptic properties which make it such a vital ingredient for cosmetics.

Pamper your hands with a combination of myrtle leaves for a skin-firming antiseptic effect, and bilberries for protection and all the power of antioxidants.

Take some time for yourself and gain serenity thanks to the floral heart of this subtle fragrance with softening and cell-protective powers. An act of love for your spirit and skin.

A tangy, zesty and aromatic bouquet designed to lift your spirits from the very first drop. Regenerated by the power of vitamin C, your skin will be brighter and plumper.

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    Packed with nutrients and vitamin E, organic almond oil helps the skin to retain its natural moisture levels while soothing and regenerating at the same time.

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    Embrace the allure of the subtle scent of Waterlily + Bamboo and Almonds. Relax and treat yourself to an experience packed with anti-inflammatory, protective and nourishing powers.
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    Indulge your senses with the freshness of the essence of Bilberry and Myrtle Leaves mellowed by the delicacy of almonds. Pamper your skin with the antiseptic, antioxidant and nourishing powers of the products in this set.
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    A true energy boost! This set is a fount of nourishment, vitamin C and skin-brightening fruit acids elevated with a balanced mixture of zingy citrus fruits and organic almonds.
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