Daily routine


Everyone has their morning routine – freshly brewed coffee, your skincare ritual and chosen outfit. Before you rush out the front door, smooth on a little Organic Hand Cream to protect your hands. All it takes is a few seconds and you are ready to take on the day.

It is difficult to avoid germs and bacteria on public transport. But if you pop a bottle of Sanitising Hand Gel into your backpack, you will be able to count on a formidable partner and protect your health on those daily commutes where soap and water is out of the question.

Whenever you get your shot of caffeine from the coffee machine, whenever you shake someone’s hand at a meeting or when you fill your flask from a shared water dispenser. But at school too between one lesson and another, during the morning break and after the gym lesson…If you want cleansed and hydrated hands, make sure you always have some Sanitising Hand Cream on you.

Washing your hands can be a problem sometimes at a restaurant or coffee shop, but all you need to do is rub a few drops of the Sanitising Hand Gel into your skin and you can enjoy your meal or your drink without worrying. You can even indulge in finger food and chips!

And whenever you are browsing for clothes in a department store or pushing a supermarket trolley, or after you have handled money or typed your PIN on a cash-point keyboard. Just whip out your bottle of Sanitising Hand Gel and the antiseptic action of the alcohol will make sure you are protected and safe a few seconds later.

When you are at the gym or in the pool, you come into contact with a series of shared surfaces – equipment, changing rooms and floors. Once you have finished (or even before, after all, it just takes a few seconds of your time!), make sure you smooth on some Sanitising Hand Gel specially designed to safeguard your health.

Then, when the day draws to a close and you just want to enjoy some downtime. A comforting cup of tea, a good book and that TV series you have been looking forward to. Don’t forget to de-stress your hands, though – they have been working hard all day too! Rub in some Organic Hand Cream to replenish them and boost moisture levels overnight!