Our History


Founded in the heart of Northern Italy in the city of Verona, Giadora Si rests on proven experience and is steadfast in its quest to create top-quality natural cosmetics that are respectful of the production chain. Born and bred in an exquisitely beautiful city that holds culture and research in high regard, it was only to be expected that all of this filtered through and influenced our approach.

Because beauty is a reflection of our health. Cosmetic products are a daily part of our lives and have a great impact on our well-being. This is why we are so committed to creating natural cosmetic products that respect our body’s natural balance. Our products are developed after lengthy laboratory research is carried out and only the safest ingredients are chosen from those which are best tolerated by human skin. Our Code of Ethics places great emphasis on the importance of being a brand that caters for all customer requirements and skin types.

Our philosophy stems from the magical relationship between plants and female beauty: the life force of nature is what inspires our work. Each scent and formula is not only a product of the chemistry that links each element, but also of the deep synergy between the properties of single ingredients.

True to our roots, we are committed to 100% Italian production which carefully curates each detail and takes not only a scientific view of everything but also an artistic one. Our approach is closely tied to human emotions and the health-giving power that aromas hold for the body and spirit.