Blueberry & myrtle leaf set

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A special edit chosen with you in mind.

Indulge your senses with the fresh scent of Blueberry and Myrtle Leaves mellowed by the delicacy of almonds. The antiseptic properties of myrtle leaves, the antioxidant and protective powers of Blueberries and the nourishing abilities of organic almond oil all come together to pamper your skin.


The Blueberry-and-Myrtle-Leaf Set will see you through the day with its combination of:



If you want to keep your hands completely cleansed and protected while making sure they are intensely moisturised and soothed, this set is bound to meet your need for a pampering daily beauty ritual.


Your phenomenal beauty routine:

Step 1: Blueberry-and-Myrtle-Leaf Sanitising Hand Gel

Step 2: Blueberry-and-Myrtle-Leaf Moisturising and Sanitising Hand Cream

Step 3: Certified Organic Moisturising and Soothing Hand Cream