A super-concentrated anti-ageing formula, Grapevine Sap Repairing Face Serum is the ideal solution to minimise more evident wrinkles on the forehead, and around the eyes, nose and mouth. Care for the most delicate areas of your face with its smoothing and brightening properties. The combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Barley Water and Grapevine Sap will allow you to strengthen the results of your daily routine and combat wrinkles, deep dehydration and uneven colouration.


  • Certified organic product
  • Innovative technology: Grapevine Sap
  • Extreme anti-ageing
  • Skincare routine booster
  • Intensive effect on wrinkles on the face
  • For adult and mature skin
  • I Recommended to prevent ageing for all ages and skin types


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If you want the best for your face, use Grapevine Sap Repairing Face Serum: ideal to combat imperfections, dull complexion and wrinkles, it releases a wave of beneficial ingredients that tone and freshen the skin right from the initial applications.

Specially developed in our laboratories, its exclusive formulation helps to restore natural softness and brightness. The rich structure of active and functional substances penetrates the skin without leaving residues, giving you a deep sensation of well-being.


Grapevine Sap produced naturally and essential to the life cycle and rebirth of the vine plant. The sap is the secret that allows new buds to grow from branches cut during pruning, restoring vitality to the entire plant.

These same extraordinary properties can be found in our Grapevine Sap range: as the main ingredient of the Repairing Face Serum, Grapevine Sap acts as a powerful elixir, capable of brightening and deeply regenerating the skin.

Additional active ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: promotes elasticity and naturally supports production of collagen in the skin.
  • Organic Barley Water: it exerts a purifying and antioxidising action against imperfections and blemishes left by acne.


Apply Grapevine Sap Repairing Face Serum directly to wrinkles before moisturising, to increase the effects. Trust in its powerful effect both in the morning and in the evening, tapping gently until it is absorbed

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